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    1. International Shaolin Chuan Kung Fu Association
    Sifu Mario Hétu is the president of the A.I.S.C.K.F. The Association promote the Chinese martial Arts and especialy preserve and protect the Shaolin Kung Fu. The web site is also a good source of informations on Chinese Martial Arts.

    2. Karate Depot Martial Arts Supplies
    Supplies and equipment for karate, taekwondo, judo, muay thai boxing and almost every other martial art.

    3. Challenger Martial Arts Equipment and Supplies
    Challenger offers uniforms, sparring gear, Adidas gear, targets, shields, floor mats, books + free training articles, school locator, info on Martial Arts in the Olympics. Free shipping, Secure site.

    4. A1 Martial Arts Resource Site
    Comprehensive independent links and resource site for martial arts

    5. Martial-Way
    Description and history of martial arts. Search engine, news, chat, forum, discussion group.

    6. Muaythai Online
    A web site that is establishing itself as the world's top muaythai portla.

    7. Martial Arts Equipment By Chenab Sports
    We are Mnaufacturers, Suppliers of Martial Arts Equipment.

    8. The Karate Warehouse - Discount Martial Art Supplies!
    The lowest prices on all things martial arts! Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do equipment and more! Check us out! You won't get it any cheaper!

    9. Martial Arts Information
    Comprehensive information on Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, TaeKwonDo, Aikido and other arts.

    10. TNT Dojo Martial Arts Equipment
    Martial Arts Equipment and Supplies including sparring gear,

    11. Fujian White Crane Resources
    kungfu-taichi.com offers you unprecedented access to a wide variety of authentic martial arts resources.

    12. TaekwondoGear.net :: Taekwondo equipment for the Serious Competitor
    Taekwondo equipment and Supplies including sparring gear, taekwondo uniforms, taekwondo shoes, taekwondo belts, taekwondo t-shirts.

    13. Buddha Fist.com
    The online Martial Arts Information Database. Featuring - Articles, Club Directories, An Encyclopedia, Forums, Footage, Images, Technique Information and alot more.....

    14. Comet ZOne
    Free martial arts related cursors for websites, blogs and home computers!

    KUMITE World

    16. Dit Da Jow
    Dit Da Jow, Herbs For Martial Artists, Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Iron Palm, Acupuncture, Dit Da Jows

    17. CrackedFinger Kung Fu & Martial Arts clothing and equipment
    CrackedFinger - quality martial arts & boxing equipment for UK & Irish Individuals, Clubs and Distributors. Products include Karate Suits, TaeKwonDo Suits, Judo Suits, Kung Fu Suits, Boxing Gloves, Karate Mitts, Bag Mitts, Belts, Focus Pads, Head Guards and Contact Trousers. Uniforms

    18. Tai Chi & Health Keeping Site
    This site enables more people to learn real Tai Chi for health from China.

    19. H2H Trainers
    Durable and affordable padded mook jongs for adults and kids.

    20. World Mutao Association
    Headmaster Mohammadreza Mehdizadeh

    21. 1st Quality Martial Arts Supplies Buying Source
    Leading First OEM/ODM manufacturers and exporters of Martial arts Supplies, Sports wear, Boxing equipment, etc. Detail information can only be obtained by visiting our website or email us.

    22. Cyber Tiger Web Dojo
    "Martial arts site featuring a free Martial Arts E-Zine. Bringing the Martial Arts to the Martial Artist- and fans. Philosophy, training tips, poetry, directory and more."

    23. Step by Step Learning Martial Arts Internal Energy Strikes by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
    Both martial artists and nonmartial artists have doubled their striking power with my methods. Learn martial arts internal energy strikes with Master J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. and his no nonsense method. Hit Harder Punch Harder Kick Harder Block Better by a martial arts expert with a background in Exercise Physiology and Alternative Teaching Methods. Download after ordering at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkhamsEbooks /files/MartialArtsEbooks/

    24. Solo Martial Arts Drills for Training in Martial Arts by Yourself Printable Ebook by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
    At last a solo martial arts training printable ebook for martial artists who train alone

    25. Work Out Timer by Rick Honor System Shareware 2nd Edition
    Workout timer for martial artists or anyone else who needs a timer. Plays your music during your workout or the tada.wav. Redid completely from a previous work out timer. Even easier to use now. You can now add your own ad to the work out timer. Download the timer at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkhamsEbooks2 /files/MartialArtsSoftware/

    26. MartialArtCentral.com
    URL: http://MartialArtCentral.com

    27. Martial Arts Resource
    offer kung fu, tai chi, chi kung productions For Martial Arts Fans, include: video, shoes and uniform.

    28. United Kempo Karate
    Pence Self-Defense presensts Everything you always wanted to know about the Arts, but were afriad to ask!

    29. Knife Survival Techniques
    Knife Survival Techniques offers articles and reviews of different methods of knife defense, and videos.

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    30. Martial Arts/ Boxing Gym Timer
    A site selling a range of products for timing Martial Arts and Boxing trianing

    31. Kids Karate Television Online

    32. HKG UK Martial Arts
    Top Quality Martial Arts Products with top customer service! Discounts for Trade, Clubs and bulk purchases!

    33. Action Hero Training.com
    Character development program for kids.

    34. Weighted Vests
    Manufacturer of the V-Max, Ultimate Weight Vest. Our vests have redundant reinforcement criteria, making them virtually indestructible and the toughest, well-built weight vests on the web.

    35. Martial Arts Site
    Offer many of martial arts resouurce.

    36. Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Self Defense books and videos
    Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Self Defense books and videos, and DVDs

    37. Shaolin kung fu video
    This site is devoted to offer videos for Shaolin kung fu fans.

    38. Martial art supplies-videos , books , weapons , uniforms, paintings ,kung fu ,tai chi , ba gua ,xing yi
    Martial art supplies-videos , books , weapons , uniforms, chinese paintings ,kung fu ,tai chi , tae kwon do , ba gua ,xing yi,karate

    39. Swadhyay-Martial arts
    Information on Kung Fu and Tai chi with focus on self-defense skills, building a healthy mind and body,developing discipline and patience, stress reduction, and supplies.

    40. The Truth About Self Defense
    Resource site dedicated to providing realistic self defense intructional videos and training. It also has an informative opt-in news letter that has 100% original content and is absolutely free. These are well respected martial artists with real-world expereince. Click here now to receive the free information.

    41. Martial Graphics : Images Concepts For Martial Arts
    Martial GraphicsTM provides outstanding visual concepts and stock images designed specifically for martial art applications. Sold on CD support in .jpg or .tif formats, all visual material and clip art supplied from our digital image bank are royalty-free*. Pay for them once and use them as many times as you wish to create your own logos, business cards, advertisements, promotional material and other martial imagery. Martial Graphics also supplies T-shirts and printed imagery on paper, fabric or canvass supports.


    43. FIMAuniversity
    By Dr MohsenAhmadi(first international martial arts university in the middle east & west of asia.

    44. KUNG FU DVD
    Variety of classic Shaw Bros as from the 70's 80's and the latest coming up. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian movies. We are offering remastered DVDs at a great price. Also Package Deals are avaiable.

    45. PlumDragon Dit Da jow
    High quality dit da jow, available for general purpose use (cool jow) or more intense use like iron palm (warm jow). Jow, in 2 and 4 ounce sizes, is mixed with the utmost care and aged for atleast 6 months before sold.

    46. FightingIreland
    Irish Martial Arts and Boxing Site dedicated to Irish Interests.

    47. Martial Arts Talent
    Martial Arts Talent | The #1 online talent resource for martial artists, casting and jobs. Access listings for talented martial artists: film, television, promos, videos, competitions, jobs and more.

    48. Kenshiro Abbe
    A site dedicated as a tribute to the memory of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

    49. MARTIALARTS-101
    Working with a team of Martial Arts Masters, MartialArts-101.com is developing entirely new Martial Arts Instructional content; articles and high quality video, that will help the student who is training in a school improve their understanding of their Art

    50. Action Scene Combat
    Action Scene Combat (ASC)training is for the purpose of preparing actors to have a competitive edge in today’s action oriented film and television industry. The ASC lays a firm foundation for those interested in being able to perform limited stunt work and fight choreography with a competitive edge.

    51. Origin Martial Arts Supplies UK
    Superb Online Manufacturers and suppliers of quality equipment for wholesale and retail customers. 0845 2260888 -Online easy sign up and great pricing.

    52. Oriental Herbal Plasters and Ointments for pain and ache
    Hurt during training? Relieve pain and ache using oriental herbal plasters and ointments. Special formulas used for generations by Shaolin Temple monks in China. Trusted in martial arts schools and families all over Asia.

    53. the wushu centre and tgl books
    Andrea Falk's site with book translations, videos from China, video translations, photos, pdf downloads. Mostly xingyi, bagua, Chen taiji, and retro wushu.

    54. Gungfu.com
    Largest selection of martial arts supplies of all kinds. Other resources as well: schools, events, forum, and more!

    55. Tai Chi Depot
    Offers various styles Tai Chi Video, DVD, includes Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, Taoism, ZhaoBao etc.

    56. World's Fastest Knife - Belt-buckle knives
    Belt buckles with a remarkable surprise inside. How to have your tool where you need it, all the time!!!

    57. Martial Arts Styles
    Martial Arts Styles - A huge directory of martial arts related sites. Search for anything martial here.

    58. China Hand Kung Fu Academy
    China Hand Kung Fu Academy offers online kung fu training in the arts of Shaolin, Pa Kua and Hsing Yi Chuan. These instruction video clips provide detailed instruction to forms in each style.

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    59. KarateKorner.com
    Check out the Net's martial arts superstore. Great products, great prices, great service!

    60. World Martial Arts Union
    The WMAU was founded, for the sole purpose of preserving the "Open Mindedness" in the Martial Arts and unifying martial artist of various styles from all over the globe.

    61. Martial Arts Supplies Toronto
    Martial arts supplies and equipment online including karate equipment, sparring gear, muay thai equipment and boxing gloves. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    62. Martial Arts Teachers' Association
    The Martial Arts Teachers' Association is a professional association for martial arts school owners, instructors and anyone interested in a martial arts career.

    63. Atomic Athletic
    Excellent resource for traditional martial arts and weight training equipment and training information, including granite padlocks and granite balls that can't be found anywhere else. 72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple is available on this site.

    64. East Wind Knife and Sword
    Chinese forged and folded swords.

    65. KarateStop.com
    KarateStop.com - Your One Stop Shop for Everything Martial Arts

    66. World Close Defence art Organization
    New modern self defense system

    67. Store of Martial Arts
    Our staff is here to provide you with excellent customer service! We carry Martial Arts Uniforms, Martial Arts Belts, Workout Ware, Sparring Equipment, Body Protectors, Sports Bags, Martial Arts Shoes, Training Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Safe Guard Protectors, Kick Boxing and Aerobics, Patches, Weapons, Martial Arts Books and Videos, Gift Items and Accessories, Stickers, Posters, Martial Arts Certificates, Flags, Medals and more.

    68. TrainerProfiles.com
    Trainer Profiles is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Fitness careers.

    69. Martial Art Weapon, Switchblade Knife
    Provides a variety of martial arts weapons for different martial arts practices including Samarui swords, Zatoichi swords, Ninja swords, switchblade knifes, and Japanese swords.

    70. Martial Arts Talent Casting & Jobs
    The leading resource for martial artists, talent casting and employment jobs.

    71. Experience Martial Arts
    A Martial Arts resource designed to give you everything you want and need to know about martial arts.

    72. World Learning Guide - Martial Arts
    This is the entry for martial arts on an online directory and magazine devoted to promoting recreational, personal, and professional learning around the globe.

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