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    1. Tye's Small Taiji Page
    A small bit of info on taijiquan.

    2. Shaolin Chuan Kung Fu & Taï Chi Chuan Academy
    Sifu Mario Hétu teachs the Yang Style Taï Chi Chuan. He is a disciple of Master Yang Zhen Duo, 4th generation of the Yang Family.

    3. The Liu Institute
    Master Shawn Liu Xiangyang, Director and Head Master of The Liu Institute, offers a wide variety of internal/external disciplines to master including Taiji, Shaolin Kungfu/Wushu, and Qigong, as well as offering health and wellness care and instruction through the implementation of acupuncture/acupressure, holistic medicine, and other traditional Chinese methods and techniques.

    4. Wushan International
    Wushan International Association with information about neijia like taijiquan, bagua, xingyi et al

    5. Beijing Tai Chi & Kung Fu Academy
    Santa MOnica, CA: Offering instruction in Northern Shaolin, all classical styles of Tai Chi, Ba Gua Zhang, Contemporary Wushu, Xing Yi, Sanshou, Shuai Jiao, and more.

    6. emptyFlower Xingyiquan
    A detailed and graphical look at the multi-faceted martial art of Xing Yi Quan.

    7. Fu's Internal Martial Arts
    Fu Style internal martial arts, including Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing Yi Chuan, and Ba Gua Zhang, a taught by Master Victor Sheng Lung Fu, grandson of legendary martial artist and founder of the Fu style, Master Fu Chen Sung. This site offers introductions to the principles and characteristics of the style as well as personal histories of Master Fu, his grandfather, and his father, Master Fu Yung Hui. A seminar schedule and video catalogue are also provided.

    8. Master of Sao Lim, Tai-ji quan, Xing-yi quan and Ba-gua zhang: Dr. ONG Ming Thong
    The site describes the content of Sao Lim (Shaolin quan), Tai-ji quan (Tai Chi), Xing-yi quan and Ba-gua zhang (Pa Kua Chang) taught by Master ONG Ming Thong.

    9. TaiChi, Spirit & Energie
    TaiChi homepage with related links

    10. Mohegan Internal Chinese Martial Arts School
    We have classes in Tai Chi, Pakua, Hsing-I and Chi Kung. This school focuses on the Internal Chinese Martial Arts. We study the Yang, Tung and Chen styles of Tai Chi. Located in Mohegan Lake New York

    11. Swimming Dragon Club
    Mainly 97forms Sun Style Taijiquan and 12forms Sun Style movements for arthritus. Also researching Bagua and Xingyi and their influence on Sun Style Taijiquan.

    12. American Jiann Shyong Kung Fu Center
    The purpose of these exercises, as taught in the American Jiann Shyong Kung Fu Club, is to strengthen the body, for self-defense, bring about peace of mind and relaxation, help circulation, and balance the internal energy (Chi) to help the practitioner attain longevity.

    13. Tai Chi Chun - get inside!
    Introduce Tai Chi Chuan, tai chi chuan history, tai chi chuan styles and pictures of tai chi chuan movements

    14. TaiChiChuan met Klaas en Rob
    TaiChiChuan homepage with a lot of info and related links

    15. Czech-Chinese academy of Chinese Martial Arts
    Chinese martial arts school with online resources on Bei Shaolin (Northern Shaolin), Tanglang (Praying Mantis), Ying Zhao (Eagle Claw), Luohan Quan (Arhat boxing), Cailifo Pai / Choy Li Fut, Tan Tui, Chen and Yang Taijiquan, Xing Yi, Bagua Zhang and Qigong

    16. Tai Chi Chuan Video & Books
    This site enables more people to learn Tai Chi Chuan via video & books for health.

    17. Tai Chi & Health Keeping Site
    This site enables more people to learn real Tai Chi for health from China.

    18. New Orleans Shaolin-Do Kung Fu & Tai Chi
    Internal martial arts for health, self-defense, balance and mental focus. Classical and 8 animal pa kua, Yang Tai Chi, Hsing I 5 elements / 12 animals, 2 man sets, and Shattering Hand.

    19. Institut Chuan Tong - Taichi et Kungfu Wuhsu - Lyon France
    L'Institut Chuan Tong à Lyon : cours de Taichi Chuan (Taijiquan) style Chen (Laojia), de Qi Gong, de Kungfu Wushu (Tang Lang Mante Religieuse, Zui Quan Boxe de l'Homme Ivre, Sanda Combat), de Medecine Traditionnelle Chinois et de Massage, de Calligraphie, des cours chinois mandarin (langue chinoise), Stages de week-end et ete avec Maitre Zheng Xu Dong

    20. Tai Chi Follow Me
    we offer tai chi catalog for fans.

    21. T'ai C'hi Videos at price discount!
    No Description Available

    22. Asociacion Kai Men - Sifu Anibal Tanus
    Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan in Argentine. Sifu Anibal Tanus. Info, pic´s and videos

    23. World Taoist League Miami
    Classes in Chen style Tai Chi in Miami (Doral) FL.

    24. chinese martial arts center, inc.
    Offering instruction in traditional chinese martial arts for more than 20 years.

    25. Tai Chi Chuan Blog - By Master Paul
    offers master paul's personal tai chi exercise experience.

    26. FIMAuniversity
    By Dr MohsenAhmadi(first international martial arts university in the middle east & west of asia.

    Master Qichen Guo trained for 23 years with the world famous Chen Style grandmasters (Chen Xiao-wang, Chen Zeng-lei, and Zhang Zhi-jun).

    28. Black Crane / Hsing I Kung Fu
    Black Crane Kung Fu is heavily based on Hsing I Chuan. It is a style that is suitable for all persons regardless of age and gender. It focuses on many straight line attacks as well as circular movements to overcome an opponent through body mechanics and not through force. Taught by Sifu Neal Gilding in Brisbane, Australia.

    29. Natural Path Taijiquan of New Jersey
    Yang, Yang Michuan, Chinese Historical Swordsmanship, pushhands, chin na, sanshou,internal kung fu for health and self defense. Middlesex County, Highland Park, NJ. Contact Seth Davis voice (732)801-9918

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    30. Chinese Kung Fu: Tai Chi And Shaolin Kung Fu
    We offer kung fu, tai chi, chi kung productions

    31. Still Mountain T'ai Chi and Chi Kung LLC
    Still Mountain T’ai Chi and Chi Kung is dedicated to the true essence of T’ai Chi Chuan as practiced in Buddhist Temples in China—namely, the combined emphasis upon martial skill, spiritual development , and overall health.


    33. North American Ma Gui Ba Gua Association
    Resources on Li Minggui's Ma Gui bagua lineage. Lineage information, photos, seminar information. Andrea Falk is the organizer and webmaster.

    34. www.masterjp.com
    A Chen Style Tai Ji master, J. Pat Palm, Apprentice to Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei,

    35. China Hand Kung Fu Academy
    China Hand teaches the traditional authentic arts of Tai Chi, Pa Kua, and Hsing Yi Chuan.

    36. Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts Academy
    Internationaly recognised Grandmaster teaching Lohan Kung Fu, Bushido, Aikido, Taek Won Do, Wing Chun, Kendo, Tai Chi, Iado, Freestyle, Kickboxing and Mauy Thai

    37. Chinese Martial Arts Center, Inc.
    The Chinese Martial Arts Center, Inc., based in the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area, offers traditional martial arts instruction in the following systems: Shaolin Kung Fu, Eagle Claw, Mizong Luohan, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua.

    38. Wood Dragon
    an information resource for the taiji community that aims to be concise and accurate, including an articles section giving you an opportunity to publish your writing.

    39. Kungfu Ocean Academy
    A contemporary approach to traditional Chinese kungfu. Master Wilson Wu focuses on the philosophy behind fighting concepts instead of fighting techniques. He applies an objective and scientific teaching method to Praying Mantis, Xingyi, Bagua, Xia Quan and Choy Lee Fut.

    40. Martial Traditions
    Site with old tranlations and training materials on Taiji/Bagua/Xingyi/Shao-lin/Jiu-Jitsu books from the 1920's to 1960's. American author trained in China from 1985-97 with Madam Sun Jian-Yun (Sun Lu-Tang's daughter), Liu Xing-Han (Nine Palace Bagua), Fu Zhong-Wen (grandnephew to Yang Cheng-Fu), and others. Site shall provide these old teachers training methods and notes they gave to students.


    42. Asian Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation Gust Book.
    Asian Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation Gust Book.

    43. Pakistan Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation
    Pakistan Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation is a new martial arts federation and promote bredan fou martial arts.


    45. Black Dragon Chines Martial Arts Federation oF Pakistan Gust Book.
    Black Dragon Chines Martial Arts Federation oF Pakistan Gust Book.

    46. Wu Tai Chi Chuan
    Offers wu tai chi chuan history, master, form and instruction video (DVD).

    47. Tai Chi Society
    Tai Chi & Qigong classes for beginners in many suburbs in Sydney. Tai Chi DVD & Qigong DVD - instructional DVD by Tai Chi Society.

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