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From the old boards...


Started at Mon May 10 02:13:23 2004 IP4.10.168.241 could someone tell me a lil bit about ninjas, their history, myths .....
i know samurais were like an army or something , so just wondering about ninjas


Reply #1 Posted at Mon May 10 04:20:03 2004 IP68.84.86.140 Errrr samurai's were like Feudal knights, they served a liege lord who in turn served someone higher up, eventually everyone swore fealty to the Emporer, but usually the Shogun ran the country.

Ninja lore? Well, they were a specific clan who lived in a backwater section of Japan. Think of the Beverly Hillbillies with swords, because that's pretty much what they were. They didn't wear the completely black outfit, that's actually a Japanese stagehand's outfit from Kabuki theatre (the stagehands wear complete black so that they can move stuff around on stage... they're supposed to be completely ignored); so it made sense to have a "stagehand" (someone usually completely ignored and never having an actual part of the play) assassinate someone in the actual play - it fed into the idea of them being able to sneak anywhere they wanted and do very, very sneaky things.

Other than that, I've heard some ninja people claim that they were taught their fighting skills from a god-like half-bird race called the Tengu, but that is probably a specific clan lore.

Oh yeah, the sole purpose of ninjas is to flip out and kill people...


Ben Garcia

Reply #2 Posted at Wed May 12 00:09:51 2004 IP64.12.117.20 Oh jeez! It's sound's like someone's been to ! Hahaaaa! That site is hilarious.

Yeah, anyway, get Chris to tell you about them. He's probably read more about them than most of us. Like Xerxes said, they're a group of isolated people who developed skills related to assasination, evasion, etc. I've read alot of spiritualty stuff developed around ninjitsu, which I think is derived from zen and tendai buddhism and shinto.


Reply #3 Posted at Wed May 12 01:33:29 2004 IP4.10.168.241 shweeeeeeet................thanks guys!
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