The Bamboo Experiment

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The Bamboo Experiment

Postby Pellicio » Tue May 17, 2005 10:39 pm

There are about 7 acres of virgin bamboo behind my house. They form a rough golden rectangle and include, mixed throughout them, various other plants sparsely spread, as well as some vines and probably more than a few wild animals.

I've cleared a small path that creates a rough running track (very, very thin) through this area in order to do some much-needed agility, speed, and whole-body dexterity training (natural obstructions have been used to create hurdles, high-step traps, and height-changing spaces, so those are built right into the run now) . I've also cleared a small section. Just enough to perform all of my basic drills and forms there. It gives me a clear area that isn't public and won't frighten the neighbors when I decide to do the stick-and-knife forms, but is outside and is a pleasant place to train.

There are two vines that run up a couple of oaks that stand just at the edge of the clearing, and I've taken to using them as climbing ropes for upper body training.

This has gotten me thinking, what other common (and uncommon) training devices, machines, or materials could I easily (and simply!) manufacture out of nothing but the forest, trees, and bamboo? Is a wing chun dummy feasible? What about a punching-bag-like-object? How about a speed bag?

Any suggestions? You may suggest twine as a binding material for the bamboo, I can come by that easily enough. But I'd rather not use anything else (like nails) unless I absolutely must. stuff like Vinyl Siding or Glue is right out. You may assume that I have the various tools I need for any modifications to the area--hatchet, machete, hoe, rake, shovel, etc.

And no suggesting building complicated structures like a nautilus out of bamboo. That would be silly.

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