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variations on falling

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 10:56 am
by Abel Martinez
I would like to get y'alls interpretations on specific mechanics of falling. Initially, all training prior to my current jujitsu, falling ended in either a roll out or a "splat" fall, which ended in as much total surface area being in contact with the ground, except for the head of course.

My question is: on "splat" falls, do you keep your hips and lower back suspended off of the mat, or do you lie on the ground with everything touching so as to have as much surface area as possible?

Currently, my difficuties in jujitsu are coming from being too passive (as much surface area as possible) and not being a bit more active (suspended hips / lower back). Also, what are your interpretations of the suspended splat (why?) and the benefits over the passive?

I have a few reasons, which I will tell later.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 2:45 pm
by Gator
I've done some skiing and splat is bad in that sport.
I imagine in jj it helps in pulling guard and not exposing the back.