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Tai chi

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Ben Garcia

tai chi
Started at Sat Jul 17 21:48:25 2004 IP64.12.117.20 Okay, I've got a push hands question. In every tai chi form, there's a push hands move, right? Well, when I practice, I try to do every posture with the intent of being as stable as possible and feel the path of the force from the ground to my hands. When I come to the part were there's a forward strike, the hands separate and are pulled back and then they push forward, I don't feel very powerful at all. In the push itself, there's no obvious whipping of the waist to provide power, it's just a straight ahead push, right? How does one generate power there? IS it in the legs, or some imperceptible move in the waist I have yet to master?

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Reply #1 Posted at Sun Jul 18 00:33:45 2004 IP65.0.32.100 It has to do with what I was trying to correct with you before - first, you can't be bending your elbows and unbending them hardly at all to do the push. It's pretty much exactly like that peng strike I do with one hand (i.e. no elbow expansion to speak of, and with all the power coming from legs/hips/lower-spine as I've shown you).

I'll have to work on that a bit with you the next time. It's the opening power from your whole body - I've noticed you use almost totally local arm power when you do that one particular move. Which is funny, since you don't have that problem nearly so much on most other moves.

Fire and Rain

Re: tai chi
Reply #2 Posted at Mon Jul 19 01:19:51 2004 IP209.172.231.67 a note unrelated to this thread--sorry, I know nothing of Tai Chi 'happy.

Check your messages. happy

- Fire and Rain

Richard Rance

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Re: tai chi
Reply #3 Posted at Tue Jul 20 23:05:53 2004
Last Modified at Tue Jul 20 23:08:55 2004 by Richard Rance IP198.64.75.32 I know that G.M. Cheng has demonstrated the push as an attack that comes up under the rib cage and projects upward. This is why I believe you only need to push with your arms connected to the rest of your body to have a large effect, because you're attacking a vital area.
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