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Started at Wed Mar 17 17:23:20 2004
Last Modified at Wed Mar 17 17:55:24 2004 by Tye Botting IP204.196.55.102 I spend a lot of time talking about the various applications types (http://www.kungfu.cc/apps.shtml), but not a whole lot about tactics (http://www.kungfu.cc/tactics.shtml).

I thought I'd start a thread here to talk about some of that. Take a look at the tactics page (heck, and the applications one) and let me know what you think. It's been up awhile, but I thought we should explore some of them.

To start, I'd like to bring up the issue of Unbalancing. I've recently added it and Pre-empting and Baiting to the list of Basic Tactics...

Once you've stolen an opponent's balance, you basically
'own' them - you can basically do with them what you will, at least until they recover. In that respect, it's much like if you had stunned them. Stealing their balance doesn't necessarily mean a throw, takedown, or even making them stumble. It could be as simple as getting them up on their toes or rocking them back on their heels. At the moment their balance is taken, their instinctive focus is to regain that balance, since nothing else can be accomplished on their part until they are balanced again. This allows you to strike, throw, lock, or whatever. Getting them to focus so singularly on a simple thing like regaining their balance is a giant window of opportunity.

And you can create that window. By accepting their incoming force and adding to it, you make them effectively overcommitted - thus unbalanced. Or, by pushing or pulling (don't sacrifice your own balance though) perpendicular to the line between their heels ("triangling"), you can rock them on their heels or bring them to their toes. You can also lock them to control their balance, even as a temporary measure. Etc, etc.

Anybody have any favorite ways to steal balance from an opponent? How do you see their advantages and their applications as working?


Re: Tactics
Reply #1 Posted at Wed Mar 17 20:58:42 2004 IP24.126.61.242 One tactic that I like is to lead their hand attacks 45 degrees to my rear (often with a twist stance). This usually causes them to off balance forward slightly. If I don't have a good opportunity to attack that that moment, I use my forearm horizontally to press their arm against their body as I close in with yu huan bu. This seals their arms and allows me to have a better position while I attempt throws takedowns or other in-fighting strikes.

This is a common praying mantis technique. I'm sure many of you are familiar with it. happy
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