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Postby Tye Botting » Wed Aug 25, 2004 9:34 pm

Ben Garcia

Grandmaster Cheng
Started at Fri May 28 03:25:03 2004 IP64.12.117.20 Hey Sifu, just out of curiosity, do you know anything about Grandmaster Cheng's training history, like did he do any other types of martial arts or kung fu? Do you know who he learned his stuff from? Just curious.

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Re: Grandmaster Cheng
Reply #1 Posted at Fri May 28 04:59:29 2004 IP66.157.165.171 Actually, all I know is he also was part of Lee's Chinese Temple in Inchon, South Korea. Not sure what else he's done, but I do know he knows the Chinese version of Sanchin, called Sam Ng Kuen, which has migrated to a number of southern styles.

Master Wang was also of course a Lee's Chinese Temple graduate, but also trained with some kung fu people in a local park, which is why he has some other material that's not in GM Cheng's syllabus. Actually, they both have material not in each others' syllabi, so that pretty much clinches the extra training on both of their parts.
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