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TAMU Kung Fu Club Info

Postby Tye Botting » Wed Aug 25, 2004 9:35 pm

Walter Williams

TAMU Kung Fu Club Info
Started at Mon Jul 12 18:34:01 2004 IP68.203.118.101 Howdy,

I am going to be entering Texas A&M-College Station as a Freshmen this year and was interested in any and all information on the TAMU Kung Fu Club.

The TAMU Kung Fu Club section of the main website seemed a bit outdated (Fall of 2000) so I figured I would ask about it here on the forums.

Thank you in advance for your help.

-Walter Williams

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Re: TAMU Kung Fu Club Info
Reply #1 Posted at Mon Jul 12 21:10:21 2004 IP204.196.55.102 Sorry about that - I really should update that page sometime to at least point out that the club is now part of TKF. The club had dwindled off as people just went to TKF and no longer has a charter aymore. Still, TAMU students are in the majority at TKF and are more than welcome. I'm not sure if there's a student rate anymore though - I'll leave that for Dan N or Chris Rivers to answer here.

Dan? Chris?
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