Weightlifting question

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Weightlifting question

Postby Tye Botting » Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:57 pm

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Weightlifting question
Started at Mon Mar 8 22:21:04 2004
Last Modified at Mon Mar 8 22:21:38 2004 by Dan N IP165.91.177.45 Alright, new topic not Martial in nature, but definitely important to the martial artist.

I have been on a powerlifting training schedule in the gym, and I see subtle improvements in my strength periodically. But now I want to improve the number of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups I can do. Any suggestions on how to change my lifting routine to aid in achieving the desired results? What works for any of you? Thanks in advance rambo

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Re: Weightlifting question
Reply #1 Posted at Wed Mar 10 23:14:39 2004 IP204.196.55.102 I'm hoping that Ttinkerbell will chime in on this, but until then, I think you know my suggestions:

Make each one part of something you do many times a day, like going through a certain doorway, going to the bathroom, smoking, or whatever.

Each time you do that thing, have yourself do a certain number of pushups (for example) and increase the number at regular intervals - you'll be doing quite high reps in no time by making it part of everyday things and by not going to exhaustion. I went from being able to do a whopping 6 pullups to 30 in the span of one month by this method (going through a doorway) many years ago.

Another method for working up to high-rep pushups is to start doing a certain number (say 15) of pushups every minute on the minute for ten minutes. Do this every day and add reps to do every other day or so. You'll notice that the rest time between sets goes down as the reps per minute goes up - eventually you get to where you're doing 10 minutes straight pushups. wink Hard to get there, to be sure, but it's definitely doable.


Re: Weightlifting question
Reply #2 Posted at Sun Mar 21 12:32:11 2004 IP24.153.198.131 i've been sneaking in pushups whenever i get bored at work. wakes you up too momentarily....just one set of ~20 everytime. let me tell ya...i'm bored a lot.undecided

oh and something that helps me out at the gym or even those beloved stances is to count every rep pair instead of each rep. psychological i know...but so's setting the the watch 10min faster.
hope this helps...


Re: Weightlifting question
Reply #3 Posted at Sat Jul 17 09:24:09 2004 IP203.221.34.58 I know I don't come in often, but here I am happy Hi Tye.

Yeah, pretty much what Tye said.

The greatest tool to getting strong is your head. You have to use it a lot. Read everything you can find on the subject of strength training

Mel Siffs Supertraining is a good one. www.elitefitnesssystems.com has some great articles too.
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Postby Gator » Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:16 am

Back is by far my best body part.
I used to always open with sets of pullups and transition from stretch to warm up to work out.

I still do them, but my old separated shoulder barks sometimes.
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