Heart Rate Monitors

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Heart Rate Monitors

Postby Tye Botting » Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:58 pm

Richard Rance

Heart Rate Monitors
Started at Sun May 30 21:25:59 2004 IP67.10.171.71 I'm wondering if anybody owns a heart rate monitor. Mine is an Ironman but, doesn't seem to hold a steady beat. This may be because it works off of F.M. transmission which is supposed to be different from other brands(like Polar). I guess there is too much radio interference in the area.
If anyone has a heart rate monitor that works I would sure like to know about it.


Re: Heart Rate Monitors
Reply #1 Posted at Thu Aug 5 18:21:14 2004 IP204.196.55.102 I guess nobody has a heart that needs monitoring. Probably more people do martial arts for fun than do for fitness...

Richard Rance

Re: Heart Rate Monitors
Reply #2 Posted at Fri Aug 6 08:22:50 2004
Last Modified at Fri Aug 6 08:26:25 2004 by Richard Rance IP67.10.171.164 I agree, overall. The reason I use a heart rate monitor is to tell if I'm overtraining( A rise in resting heart rate can indicate this ), and be able to judge my progress( A drop in resting heart rate is the norm ). While this is a fitness goal, it does provide short term goals to make the training more enjoyable.


Re: Heart Rate Monitors
Reply #3 Posted at Wed Aug 18 16:16:40 2004 IP68.84.86.140 Here's how I tell if I'm working out too hard: I pass out.

Everything short of that isn't working hard enough. Ergo, it's a very thin line between working too hard and not working hard enough. wink

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