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PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2005 10:40 pm
by R O Dubl S
Bzzt...wrong, its from the original Predator, said by "Dutch" upon seeing the pred's real face.

But I'll still let you have this one Marc.


PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 10:25 pm
by marchere
that was difficult... answer: shaolin & wu tang-wu tang invasion

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 12:02 am
by TKF_Dan
okay, it was tough, so how bout another one. Ross, why don't you do one?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 7:04 pm
by R O Dubl S
OK, a pretty easy one in my book:

"Hiya kids, here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don't buy drugs, become a pop star, and they give you them for free!"

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 1:24 pm
by R O Dubl S
OK, this movie stars Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson amongst many others. This is a dead giveaway.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 9:18 pm
by Wellian
Love Actually - I'm watching it now. ;)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 10:07 pm
by TKF_Dan
So Wellian, much like the Who Said It need to put up a movie quote to perpetuate this thread. Please. Thank you.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 10:34 pm
by Wellian
Oh yeah. Forgot about that bit.

During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records: most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 11:08 pm
by TKF_Dan
Happy Gilmore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2005 6:04 am
by Wellian
Bingo. Next!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 12:20 am
by TKF_Dan
Ok...I'm pretty sure I'm getting this quote right...

Good morning Sergeant Major!

What are you a f***ing weather man?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 6:24 pm
by R O Dubl S
We Were Soldiers

The Sergeant Major kicks so much ass in that movie, I love it!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 6:40 pm
by TKF_Dan
Yes he does. I love his quips and his nonchalant attitude.

Your turn Ross.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 9:58 pm
by R O Dubl S
"I am nothing special; of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough."


PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:20 pm
by Adam Coats
"You don't know the sex of your cat?"

"I respect its privacy."