August 1, 2006: 4:42 pm: Tye BottingLifting

APF Southeast Powerlifting Challenge, July 29, 2006 in Beaumont, TX. This was my first powerlifting meet in 4 years. Had a blast and did almost everything I had intended, though I was ineligible for the state records I was going for (not a TX resident).

490 - good (3 white lights)
501 - good (3 white lights)
skipped 3rd attempt

Bench Press
386 - good (3 whites)
413 - no lift (3 reds - got it, but lifted butt off bench)
413 - no lift (3 reds - failed)

485 - good (3 whites)
501 - good (3 whites)
518 - good (3 whites)

giving me: 502 SQ, 386 BP, 518 DL

Total = 1405 lbs

Got first in my divisions - Masters 198 lb class.

Felt something tear in the top of my left quad on my very first lift, despite good warmups and all. Wasn’t too bad so I attempted breaking 500 and skipped my 3rd attempt - discretion being the better part of valor. Would have been good for 518 at least, IMHO - more if I hadn’t hurt my leg on the first lift. I also went in to this meet with an injured shoulder and badly tweaked elbow, so I’m pretty happy with my results, even if I didn’t break 400 lbs on bench officially. Did 375 last week raw and 425 with a shirt in the gym the week prior, but that’s when I hurt my shoulder and aggravated my elbow. :(

All my attempts were personal bests at a meet, and the last two deadlifts were personal bests even in the gym - I had never even tried 518 before.

It’s good to be competing again.

More info on the meet:
My Training Log
My Lifting Page

May 18, 2006: 10:34 pm: Tye BottingLifting

Well, I had to tell everyone so I’m also posting here. I finally got 365 pounds in a paused one-rep max on the bench press. Raw, of course. With that, I should be able to secure a few Texas state powerlifting records in July at the APF meet in Vidor, TX. I imagine I will be good for well over 400 with a bench shirt on by then. The current record in my weight class and age group is only 407 so I think I should definitely have it. I’ve been keeping up with my training logs, so you can see that the strenth surge started a few months back with diet change and protein uptake. Plus, it was probably just “time” since I had been stuck at 300 for so long. I really feel that the slow-digesting casein protein at nighttime had a lot to do with breaking the plateau I had been on since losing all that weight last year. Right now, I seem to be stuck at a max of 365, but it could just be my body trying to catch up. I intend to really kick into gear come June/July in preparation for that powerlifting meet. Should be fun!

March 23, 2006: 5:44 pm: Tye BottingFitness

Well, I did my first endurance event a couple of weekends ago - the Dick Brown 1/2 Marathon. And I’m still paying for it - if you ever do one of these things, you definitely want to make sure you have properly-fitting shoes. Mine were evidently a tad too short so I now have 3 black toenails (almost lost my right big toenail - still might), and scads of blisters. ;-) The event went well for the first 3 miles, but then my shoes and sickness started catching up with me. I had been sick the two days prior with a stomach virus that was fairly manageable as such things go. Evidently I was still going through the tail-end of it since I had stomach cramps throughout the whole 13.1 mile course. Both of these things tended to slow me down, but I had a blast and learned a lot. I think I could knock off 30 mins or so if I were to do it again. My ending time was 2:47:55 and I only had to take a few extra walks between miles 10 and 12. Since I’m a powerlifter and not a runner, I was pretty happy just to finish the thing! LOL There were a total of around 80 participants. I ended up finishing somewhere in the top half even with my limitations, amazingly enough. Results should eventually be posted at the sponsoring site: Louisiana School of Math, Science, and the Arts.

December 15, 2005: 5:42 pm: Tye BottingGeneral

I just visited a weblog of a soldier in Iraq and thought I would share some good news of what is happening over there. I think I have something in my eye…

A New Set of Wheels

‘Twould be nice if some of these humanitarian stories would make their way to the fore. The world needs to see this kind of human side of things right now.

November 8, 2005: 12:27 am: Tye BottingFitness

OK, so I had a little extra fat around the old waist, at about 192 at 5′9″. Since I powerlift, that’s not too unusual, but I wasn’t too happy with wearing size 36 pants all of a sudden. Ack! Luckily, a triathlon was coming up that I thought might be a nifty challenge, and I could use training for that to help me get back some of my cardiovascular fitness. I set about training for this a mere 3x per week - 1 day elliptical for 30 mins, another stationary bike for 30 mins, and another jogging for 30+ minutes. Slowly I started losing weight, without losing my strength. Good stuff! Over 2 months I lost 10 lbs pretty painlessly. I didn’t change my eating particularly - still tried to get lots of protein and veggies.

The next month was something different altogether… Hurricane Rita hit, leaving us without power for 8 days and without water for 2 of those (see earlier posts). But the kicker was getting a stomach virus during the first two days of all that as well! So I lost another 10 lbs in a week. And it stayed off since I was still training for the triathlon and since I had missed a couple of days of powerlifting in the gym (everything was shut down for several days, what with the debris, lack of power, and gas shortage). And this time I did lose lots of strength, unfortunately. I’ve been struggling to retain what I can of it, while still training my cardio and it’s been rough.

Currently, I’m something like 40 lbs behind on my bench press, which is Not Good ™. But I’m sure it’ll come back reasonably. And if I can keep some of this fat off and keep my cardio going, I should be in good shape. Pun intended.

October 29, 2005: 2:50 am: Tye BottingTechnology

Years ago, after stumbling upon the utility of external web-based start pages like My Yahoo, My Excite, My IWon, and the like, I found I was more and more “at home” with My Excite. Unfortunately, after a year or two of that, they changed their format, added too-numerous ads, and generally messed with a good thing. Argh. Too many changes to make it enjoyable anymore. I looked around for something to fill the void and eventually found My MyWay, which was basically patterned after the old Excite personalized start pages, but without the ads. I was saved!

I still use My Way to this day. It loads quick, is very configurable, and generally does all the things a good start page should. A virtual home sweet home. You might want to check it out, even if you’re happy with your current start page or don’t even use one. And, no, I don’t get any “referrals” for this blurb - it’s just an unsolicited opinion about something I find very useful, which you might also.

October 20, 2005: 1:48 am: Tye BottingTechnology

I’ve taken the plunge and added ad-content to many of my more popular web pages. I do this because all this costs money, which of course I’d like to defray, and at the same time I’m all about the content that my pages provide. Well-chosen ads have actually added to the content that my visitors appreciate - things like Google’s AdSense and Chitika MiniMalls can bring to light offerings that your visitors are also interested in. They do this by only serving ads that match the subject matter of the page that they appear on - and the visitor wouldn’t be there if they weren’t interested in that subject! If you’re careful to format them, size-wise and color-wise, to match and add to your pages rather than intrude, then you can both provide useful content for your visitors and at the same time earn a few cents each time someone clicks on them. With lots of visits, this adds up. Heck, click on the ads on the right if any look interesting. Thanks. ;-)

October 16, 2005: 3:46 pm: Tye BottingTechnology

Yep, I like electronics and gadgets. I guess that makes me a techie, a geek, a nerd, whathaveyou. I build my own computers from parts (and then build computers for family and friends out of those parts when I upgrade *grin*). I have to admit that Newegg is one of my favorite sources, along with TigerDirect - both of these are unsolicited recommendations, so make of that what you will. Like many self-respecting computer do-it-yourselfers, I prefer linux and open-source software (generally GPL). Currently I run Mandriva Linux LE2005 on my personal computer at home, and I have that acting as a firewall/router for the other 3 machines in the house through a 54g wireless network. The other machines are my wife’s and my kids’ computers, as well as my own laptop.

Of course I’m not just limited to computers - I have the requisite digital camera (with video), mp3 players, USB memory sticks, DVD players and burners, digital satellite with hard-drive, VCRs, TVs, CD players, remote-control flying saucer, USB external drives, digital bicycle speedometer, pedometer, and all sorts of other electronics gadgets. But some of the more mundane gadgets are fun and quite useful as well: table saw, cordless drill, hand-held mixer, Dremel tool, etc. These latter ones were instrumental in some renovations I’ve been doing on the house.

These days, gadgets might also extend to software since computers are so pervasive and important to everyday life. Sticking with my 0pen-source bent, my office suite is and sometimes I use AbiWord for word-processing. I try to steer clear of anything by MicroSloth - I don’t like feeling like a person that is forced to pay to be a beta-tester. Other useful software utilities I recommend include:

  • the GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program; a very full-featured image processing suite - who needs PhotoShop?
  • Mozilla - the best multi-platform browser out there!
  • TightVNC - an open-source remote-desktop utility for Windows; quite useful!
  • Total Commander - a shareware file manager that’s loads more than that.
  • Trillian - an integrated multi-Messenger (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, etc).

And I write my own software and such - I have implemented a complex interlocking series of analysis scripts that automatically produce webpages for the online game eTapout, a MMA fighting simulator. My host for this is so good I can recommend it heartily: I also write all my own web pages in raw HTML, using EditPad Lite, a tabbed highlighting text editor. And of course the normal work and analyses of all sorts of things with spreadsheets.

So, yep, I’m a techie, a geek, a gadgeteer…. I’m an addict. ;-)

October 12, 2005: 3:47 pm: Tye BottingTeaching

I just got back from teaching freshman chemistry for nursing majors where I handed back their recent Exam. Which they bombed. I don’t know who was more unahappy about that - me or them. I seriously wanted them to get the material and do well, and I took pains to let them know exactly what they needed to go about doing in order to do well. I hoped, rather optimistically, that they would step up and knock it out of the park. It even seemed that the questions I would ask in class were coming along nicely, and they would chime in with good answers - they seemed to be getting it. Maybe paper is quite different than voice. And maybe those that were silent were just clueless.

The problem is that only a small fraction of the class even attempted the on-line review problems, and an even smaller fraction even turned in the homework problems. And no-one came to my office to get help. Furthermore, it’s obvious that people don’t read the text or even go over the in-class example problems, let alone those in the book. I’m at a loss about what to do given those kinds of things.

In the meantime, I’m having them re-work the problems they missed on the Exam - this will count as much as two quiz grades. The material is important enough that they need to get it one way or another.

My thoughts on this? Well, as I explained to them:

Listen and take notes in class. Read the chapters. Work through the examples in the text and in class. Do the homework problems. Do the online review. If you don’t do these kinds of things, how can you expect to learn what you don’t already know? And you might as well learn it before the Exams, since you’re going to have to redo what you missed afterwards anyway, only for a LOT less credit.

It’s your responsibility to actually learn – I can’t learn it for you and beam it into your head, I can only guide, point, explain and prod. It’s up to you to do what it takes for you to learn and truly understand the material.

October 2, 2005: 4:04 pm: Tye BottingLifting :: Tye’s Training

You can find my training logs for lifting and getting ready for the triathlon (now Oct 30th) at the above link. I’ll probably start using this blog as well from now on.

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